Getting job is not so easy nowadays. It requires not only proper knowledge and skills, but also a good professional communicating network is required. You need to know each and every news about the happenings in the industry in which you are interested. But all these are not so easy to get. We present a latest application for your smart phones – XING. This app will help you out with all the above related problems.

This app is mainly android based. It has gained much popularity because of its many special features. This app helps you to find new job offers, new companies, and people. This app also helps to get the latest news of many industries and many new things about different industries. This app enables you to share views and exchange news on those things, which you are interested in, and also you can discover what other people says on your views and ideas. Also, you can sync your contacts with this app, and you can access the details of your latest contacts and the updates from your contacts.

In this app you need to setup your profile, and you will receive many contact suggestions and job recommendations matching with your profile. You can also edit your profile whenever you want, making changes in your current position. XING also allows selecting and saving certain XING contacts as your phone contacts so that you can always get in touch with them whenever needed. Apart from these, XING also lets you know about any new updates such as your contacts’ birthdays, any job changes, etc. With the birthday notification feature of this app you can create reminder for later use. Also, you can create group with your contacts, and share interesting contents and information with the group members.

Hence, this app will help you to not only get the information about several industries, but also will help you to achieve what you want, i.e., a job. Thus, download this app for free and start finding a job!