T-Mobile Name ID APK



Are you a citizen of US? Is there a need for you to have a mobile phone for business or personal purpose? If your answer is yes, then which service provider are you currently using? Hope we have not asked you a difficult question or anything that you would prefer not to answer because you’re here that people might look at you with raised eyebrows or start judging you?

Well the only reliable service provider that we know of and can recommend is the T mobile which is the fourth largest cell phone carrier in the entire United States. It provides service to more than 44 million subscribers nationwide. It operates a range of networks like the 4G HSPA+ and LTE and the 3G GSM network. These together cover more than 95% of the population.

T mobile USA has come up with a very useful app for its valued uses called – T-Mobile Name ID. In fact, this is an integrated app that has been designed exclusively for T mobile phone customers. This app would give you the right to choose who you want to talk to. This app uses the white pages to provide superior caller ID or text ID and also the power to block unwanted calls or text messages.

A few of the notable features of this exclusive app include:

* To identify texts and calls from unknown numbers.

* Stop unwanted texts and calls along with advanced blocking facility.

* It helps to avoid telemarketers, spammers and phone scammers.

* It allows enhancing the contact list by sorting the names and addresses from the white pages.

* It also facilitates reporting or raising a complaint against a particular number.

The T-Mobile Name ID app is mere 606 MB in size and can be installed in a flash.