Drinking Games APK



Alcohol always seems to get the best and craziness out of people, though at times, this craziness lands people in trouble, but quite obviously, this is not the focus. People have their own reasons for drinking, and while the reasons are unique, things they do after getting drunk are somewhat similar. The Drunk-state often invokes the subconscious mind and people tend to behave or do things which they normally don’t do. These things include getting emotional, playing crazy games, doing crazy things, singing and dancing. We are going to focus on one of those things and that is, playing crazy games. There are enormous amount of games that people end up inventing when they are drunk. Games are an essential part of group-hangouts where a set of friends gets drunk together and then they end up playing crazy games. Though, these games sound ridiculous when a person is normal, but when a person is high, making sense is surely not among his priorities. Drinking Games is an android application which has tried to suggest people with games which they can play while they are drunk or are in a process of getting drunk.

As mentioned above, this application has a whole collection of drinking games to play with friends while you are drunk. These games are specially designed to help people pass their time or make the most of their time while they want to enjoy every moment with their friends. This application has over 50 drinking games to play. These games include a playable version of Kings/Ring of Fire, Truth or Dare, High low, I’ve Never, Drink While You Think, Mine, and many such interesting games. This application has also enabled set of instruction to play these games. All in all, a fun application to visit when you are drunk.