Daily Bible Devotion APK



Inspirational Bible verses can lift up your spirits and make your mind free and up and running for the whole of the day. Daily Bible Devotion app contains quotes and verses from The Bible. Bring yourself more close to God and lead a healthy and spiritual life. Daily Bible Devotion app lets you share the devotional sayings with your friends and families. So you can not only brighten your day but inspire others too!

Wake up with a new devotional saying or prayer each day. The verses teach you the way of life and each one of them have some morale attached to it that you can surely apply to your day-to-day life. You can also save your favorite quotes and devotionals to read later or to share with someone you know. This application requires and active Internet connection, it could be a wifi connection or your on the go 3G connection.

You have to sign up to the application. Signing up allows you to view your saved bookmarks on other devices, add your own comments and upload a profile picture. This app is supported by any Android device that includes smart phones and tablets. The user interface is simple and easy and all you have to do is simply download and install the app and then create an account by signing up. Also Daily Bible Devotion is a completely free app and the sole purpose is to bring joy and inspiration in people’s life.

Let the Lord’s words guide you through thick and thin of your life as you carry on your path of life. Daily Bible Devotion, the app that is your friend and guide in times of your need and in times you need it the most.

Get the app and lead a blessed life.