CleverBook for Minecraft APK



CleverBook for Minecraft is a fantastic application for books and references. The application has been developed especially for users who want everything required as a Minecraft fan. It is a great application for quick access to blocks, recipes, books, other references and more for enhanced convenience of user. The application is first choice in this field and an excellent companion app to keep updates in the world of books and references. It is very easy to use and has most popular content with regular updates to update users.


  • Updates the user about each and every information about the item/block
  • Optional themes within the application
  • Latest news and information review
  • Twitter feeds from the developers of Minecraft
  • Lot of enhancements, redstone circuits, mobs, achievement, commands, achievements, biomes and more
  • Excellent functionality and filters in the ID list
  • It has extensive server list to check the favourite server

Publisher’s Description

The application is very useful for gaining enhanced information and updates. The main advantages of application is the filters for id list, favourites, and no advertisements within the application. The quick access and comfort of gaining the updates of books and references is excellent in this application. In addition, the constant updates and notifications are very helpful for users and especially for Minecraft fans. This application is of great use for people who are challenged with memory and do not remember the references. It provides all necessary information with exceptional features of filter, search, favourites and other necessary functionalities.

Change Log

The latest version of application has added various filters for id list search, updated the icon of application, added more content, overhauled the id list search, implemented custom tabs for chrome and also added SeargeDP to the list of twitter. Some minor bugs are also fixed to improve performance of application.