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WinFax Merger software is for those users who wish to merge or combine their fxd, fxr, and fxs fax files into fxm fax files. This software tool essentially works as a combiner or merger for merging separate multi-page fax files into batches of fxm fax files automatically. Thus, users can use this software tool to merge multiple numbers of fax files with fxr, fxs, or fxs extensions into a single fax file with the fxm file extension.

This software tool comes in handy when users convert various WinFax files into PDF or TIFF files with the help of a variety of files conversion tools. However, they may face a common problem where multiple-page fax files may come in separate PDF or TIFF files. They can circumvent this problem and have all of the pages in the multi-page fax to be within a single PDF or TIFF file.

By using the WinFax Merger software tool, users can made their multi-page WinFax files. They can then covert those by using file conversion tools to have all the pages within a single PDF or TIFF file. This software supports both command line mode and GUI. It also provides the users with an option to keep the original file date. Thus, this software can help all those users who face the problem while converting multi-page fax files.

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