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Netgear Genie software is a device managing application set up by Developer Netgear in order to improve the handling of device activities. It is a desktop application which is built in with a lot of useful features like Traffic monitoring, handling online gaming, other media streaming, etc. It works efficiently on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. It uses the web’s GUI and helps in making the Netgear devices work in an effective way. It also helps in the real time monitoring of the home network. One can easily download the application to the supported Netgear devices and install it for making the further functioning of the devices much easier.

On installation of Genie, one has to click the desktop shortcut that is created by default post installation. The user will be directed to the homepage that displays various sectors like WiFi connection, Router settings, Network Maps, etc. One can click on any of them for the configuration to begin. One can also customize the configuration settings along with the display as per their own whim and fancy. Overall operations are easy to access for the users to understand and also pretty fast paced.

Other features like Parental Lock, Bit Torrent support, etc can also be handled and managed using Netgear Genie. Apart from all this, it also provides the users with an additional feature of Network Management. This consists of all the Troubleshooting tools in order to identify any problem or glitch and mend the same. One can also use the wireless features which deals with operations like retrieving wireless password, exporting wireless settings to a USB flash drive, etc. Altogether, the Genie app for the desktop is a worthwhile product that does fulfill the requirements of having a good device manager for handling multiple operations with so many useful features.

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