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The FontMap software tool can come in quite handy to those users who wish to view, print, or do both with their installed and external fonts. This software tool is capable of providing its users with a vast range of options regarding the various fonts and characters that are in use. The users can have a display of the individual characters, as well as, a large variety of tables. They can also opt for other displays including font description, keyboard view and that of any text that they wish to enter.

The FontMap software allows its users to view any individual character in a full-screen view, and the users can opt to view any portion of a font by zooming in on them as well. The software allows for the users to custom various table parameters and to have all the different parameters as printouts. The users can opt to have various information including font description, any character set information, and any other information regarding any individual font.

This software tool allows its users to print a sample of all the different fonts that they might be having in a CD without the need of installing each of them. Users can also browse through the different fonts that they might have loaded in their system and install selectively from that list. This software is compatible with PCs running on Windows XP operating system and its higher versions like Vista, 7 and 8 etc.


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