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Download Xcopy.net

Xcopy.net, as the name suggests, is a useful tool that allows a user to copy files, folders and other documents, from one device to another, depending upon his choice. It is a special command, which is fruitfully used in all versions of Windows operating systems like windows 98, windows 2000, windows ME, windows NT, windows Xp, windows 7 etc. for the purpose of copying or moving a large number of files, or even an entire directory, from one location to another. It also copies files and folders over a specified network. It basically refers to ‘extended copy’, which has better utility and functionality, as compared to the normal copy command available in the basic operating systems. Xcopy is a much more advanced tool and not just a copy function. It is capable of performing buffering tasks and error checking, which is relatively difficult for a user to do by himself.

The installation of this program is faster and easier than other copying tools, and can be completed in just a few steps. It does not have any specifications for installation, and requires no additional modifications to the file to be copied, or to the location to which it is being copied. The unique point about using this software is that, it makes file transfer way more simplified, as there is no need to make any registry entries of components. These commands are self-explanatory, and have no dependencies.

Files can be continuously copied, without having to stop or hinder the web server. It allows the most currently edited files to be replaced or copied, depending on the users will. The files can be selected manually, or at once by pressing a specific switch provided on this Xcopy command. Xcopy command can be easily used for deployment purposes too, at a maintained, scheduled and convenient time.

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