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Download WheelsOfVolume

The developers of this software namely FuzLez.com made it a point to make the work of their consumers easier. The version is the recent update. The program operates best under Windows Vista, windows 2000, windows ME, Windows 7 and Windows XP. It can be downloaded for free and used thereafter according to the convenience of the user. The program comes in a portable size of 432 KB. It is a component of the Audio segment of one’s PC. It can work well under other Audio tools as well.

The program has been designed keeping in mind the need of controlling or regulating volume in one’s computer. The program works efficiently to cater to its function and hence is a must have in one’s PC. The program can be efficiently used to put the audio of any mp3 of video in mute in an easy and simple way. The application can be brought to action by clicking on the mouse button which is located at the center of a mouse. This is also known as the mouse wheel. This application can be used both in minimized and full screen. The program helps one very skillfully regulate the volume in which they want their Pc to operate.

The use has been categorized as intuitive by some of the users of this application. The best thing about this application is that it is does not use up much space and can be installed or even uninstalled successfully if the need arises. This only adds to the simple yet efficient working of this program. The program also does not affect the working of the mouse wheel in any way. The standard functions of a mouse wheel is safely guarded and protected. The program works independently and does not cross paths with any other program whatsoever only adding to the accepted and proven efficiency of the program.

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