Sync Toy
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Download Sync Toy

Do you want to synchronize all your files and folders in your computer? Then you should opt for the sync toy software application. This is an integral part of the power add-ons of some Microsoft windows operating systems namely XP. This software is a convenient one. It is an uncomplicated and also a stable synchronization tool. As it is a part of the add-ons of the windows XP operating system and so on, it helps to keep contents identical on one machine or across a network. If you are going to run this program for the first time, you have nothing to fear about how to operate this etc. you will be guided by the commands of the program itself.

First of all it will create a pair of linked folders. These will be regarded as right and left. The nest command from the Sync Toy program is that, it will ask you to choose the pathway for the synchronization you want to run among the five synchronization methods. The Echo works like a standard unidirectional synchronization process, only just copying files from one folder to another. The entire synchronization process is bidirectional while the echo works liked to be in unidirectional. The copying of files from left to the right folder doesn’t mean that the files on the left folder have been removed.

The files will be subscribed through the software, which are common in both and have been updated and will combine the merges to make it synchronize properly. This makes it possible that the files are updated in both directions. You can also get some other benefits from the software. It provides a preview that may prevent accidental loss of data but in some case, if the two features are omitted, then it will of a great problem and hard to ignore.

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