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Ever had the feeling while opening a folder in the computer that wish there was a catalogue of all the movies and the songs that you had in your computer? Ever wished that you had an all in one software that would allow you to catalogue your films music monitor your computer, maintain the calendar and do much more, like even shut down your computer. SundryTools XV lets you do just that and much more like allow you to set tasks and schedule them at a specific point of time that you want them executed. The interface of the software is very simple. It involves tabs that will allow you to maintain track of your CDs and DVDs and maintain detail information on each of the CDs and DVDs that you have on the drives of your computer.

The auto scan feature of the software allows it to scan the hard drives of your computer for the media files. The software provides a useful feature of allowing you to delete and edit its search. The Grace note feature of the software allows you to copy the contents of the CD and organize the contents as you wish. The software is light and puts very less pressure on the processor as compared to the windows indexing service that runs in the background for improved search options.

SundryTools includes useful options like organizing your start-up, applications, events and an effective task scheduler. A reminder that comes in handy is bundled along with the variety of options available. It also provides the user with System Information. Like the Windows Task Manager, SundryTools XV has its own KillAll, which allows the user to view running processes and kill the selected ones that are not required or are slowing the system down. All in all this is like a bundled do-everything kind of a software and is useful in keeping your computer organized and everything under your control within a simple interface.

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