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Download Steam

Steam had its release in the year in 2002 when it started serving as a game distribution service used to patch games like Counter Strike. Its basic job was to make the game work smooth minus any hiccups. But, over the last few years Steam has made a name for itself. By 2007 it had paired up with games like Half Life 2 which fuelled the rise of the same. By then, it had become one of the best platforms for downloading and purchasing games. SteamPlay has been designed by Valve and works for both Windows and Mac OS.

Steam is great for games that are already available over the net and even for the upcoming games. It allows the gamers to play games for free and to pre-order the ones which come with a price tag. The best thing about the software is the fact that its library is home to some of the well known classic games as the original Half Life, UFO Defense and Psychonauts to name a few. The site even allows you to take part in sales where you get to lay hands upon good games at low prices.

However, this is not all about Steam. The software allows you to forge new alliances inside the game and enjoy social media services outside the game. Friends can even get into each other’s games and invite others to theirs. All this makes Steam as one amazing distribution software and site. Hence, if you are planning to get yourself a new gaming system, make sure that you install Steam on the same, so as to access the tons of games which you always wanted to try your hands on. The software saves the game across multiple computers, but allows only one to be logged into. Hence your game always remains safe. It is a gaming software which would indeed put a smile across your face.

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