STDU Viewer
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When it comes to digital files there are a whole wide range of file formats to choose from. And often, the result of this is that you need to have multiple viewer and reader tools to be able to access the content in these diverse files. This is where STDU Viewer claims to offer an all-in-one solution in the form of a viewer tool that offers support for multiple file formats. In other words, one tool will take care of all your needs and you don’t have to waste your precious disk space installing multiple applications. The tool comes integrated with a simple to use interface that offers almost all the standard features found in conventional viewer applications.

The tool offers support for several file formats such as PDF, Text, TIFF, Comic Book Archives (CBA) format, DjVu format, JBIG2 files, Open XML Paper Specification files, and a whole lot of image files. Besides offering zoom and full screen viewing functions, it also offers other important features such as bookmarks, ability to select text or image components of the file content, ability to search within a document, etc. Since the tool comprises almost the same interface layout and almost all the standard functions of a Viewer tool, you can easily access and use all the functions. However, the publisher seems to assume that the intuitiveness of the tool is sufficient even for a new learner and has not included a Help feature. This can be considered one of its major limitations.

This tool is considered an ideal choice for users who regularly deal with files that comprise some of the most rarely used file formats. And instead of having multiple applications to view these files, you can use this one application to view multiple files in tabbed windows within the same tool. You can download this utility for free and it is supported in Windows 2000, 2003, 7, XP, and Vista versions. This application has a simple installation procedure and it also uninstalls easily without leaving behind any residual files. All these features makes it a good tool, although there are not much high-end functionalities or features.

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