Download Similar Image Finder

Similar Image finder is a basic image finding operational tool which helps you in finding similar images by searching your computer hard disk. This software recognizes similar images even if the images are not completely same and gives you an option to specify the original picture and keep it in your hard disk. Finding the duplicate images or similar images and deleting them one by one is not at all a convenient option. That’s where the Similar Image Finder incorporates with certain advantage.

If you have large number of album of photos with a limited disk space, or you are a photographer who likes to take more than one shot to every situation- this software can be of great help. Finding all the similar or closely similar photos from your computer hard disk and then organizing them alongside the original ones, is simple with this Similar Image Finder. You can always concentrate your search on a particular folder or photo album to look for common similarities in between several images and chose to delete.

The Similar Image Finder helps you in searching while specifying include or not to include the sub-folders in the search. Even if two photos have common similarities between them, this software will recognize and will give you option to choose which picture you would like to store. Being immensely fast, secure and easy to use- this particular software can be of much help even for the web masters.

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