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Sequoia View is browsing software applied over disc drives of a computer. Like a treemaps, it has a unique design with an advance technology to support the browsing facility. Treemaps technology along with a special cushion treemap feature, invented by Jack Van Wijk is used in Sequoia View. It has a simple way of implementation. Every time a rectangle is divided, the ridges are added with it. The product is a hierarchical cushion that displays the structure along with the size and other details of the file. The user can set the limit of the ridges used in case of sub division. The height of the ridges are chosen according to the need, again the lower part of the ridges are set to look after the deeper nest ridges.

Sequoia View was first published by their organization of Sequoia in the year of 2006. The organization was mostly interested in implementation of this software. Thus it is designed in a simple manner for the use of every one. Due to the utilization in the progress of the CPU, the software is considered in the utility & operating system software division. And for the technical part, it is sectioned in the file management sub category. The software is supported by every windows operating system. This software is compatible with windows 98, windows 2000 to the windows XP, every operating system. Else it doesn’t require any other additional program to run itself. It only requires a suitable operating system and a MB of hard disc space.

In recent times, there is a new trend of displaying files in a square treemaps by SequoiaView. The rectangle is sub divided in such a way that it becomes almost like a square. Thus by this method a new way of displaying a file is introduced. And in case of cushions, the user has two options to choose between original cushions and square cushions.

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