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The software Search My Files provides the user to access the whole memory system of the computer in an instant. It helps the administrator to search the computer in case much faster than the usually defined need of search program.  The software was first designed by the Nirsoft Publishing software development organization in the year of 2012. The software Search My Files designed in a very simple and organized manner. It has two modes of operation. Firstly, it provides a utilization of the search program, and helps the user to get accessed to the desired program faster than before. Thus it earns a spot in the utility & operation system software group.

Else it manages the short files, and keeps the desktop clean. This software also helps the software to get into the file management sub-category. As the software was very simple, it is supported by every windows operating system. From windows 7, windows vista to windows XP every operating system is aware of it. Else it doesn’t require any other additional software as it is self-supportive. Search My Files only need about an Mb of size to operate itself.

The Search My Files software has a very powerful search engine inside it. It can search the whole memory system much faster than the default search engine provided in the operating system. It can search any file, image, documents or any media files through various parameters. From date of modification to size, content and attributes all are considered in it. The search result provided is very pin point and to the point. The output search results can be sort out and save in different html or word files. And most of all, it can be used without installing the program. It can be used in any portable drive and scan a computer when it is attached with a different machine. Search My Files is definitely a software to look for.

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