PicaJet Photo Recovery

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Accidently deleting some important and valuable files may lead many users feel that they had just fallen in a big grave but it is not so exactly. With the presence of the PicaJet Photo Recovery, any user can get hold of their deleted files only if they were actually pictures. This software is a one window GUI that takes care of all the issues of the user related to deleted picture files.

The PicaJet Photo Recovery basically relies on a very straight forward procedure that allows the user to select the device they wish to scan that may be either from the memory card of a digital camera or from any mobile phone. This software has been developed by PicaJet.com as a license free software that gets easily operated on all the version of Windows like windows XP, 98, ME, NT, 2000, 7 and Windows 8 and comprises of a size of 555 KB. This program provides no other configuration screen other than the option menu that one may see in the main window. In order to recover files, the users are required to input a certain folder where all the recovered files shall be stored. The scanning process of the respective device can consume a certain time but as in of all it depends on the overall size of the memory card and the amount of data stored in it.

The software comprises of a panel that are being used to show the filename, size, height and width of any file that are to be restored while the earlier screen allows the user to see the picture before it is actually recovered by the software. As a whole, the Pica Jet Photo Recovery is undoubtedly very much fast, efficient and stable in its performance with its intuitive interface and consumes a low amount of CPU and system memory.