Page Manager

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Page Manager has been carefully designed to make work easy and simple for the user. The program also has value for time and hence works in the most effective short time possible. The product has already secured four out of five stars and is free for trial. It has an average download of 27 per week and promises a performance that one can only imagine. The latest available version of this program comes in a file size of 2.33 MB. It operates best in Windows 98, 95, Me, XP and 2000. This also means that a lot of people with different configuration of their computers can use it. The program is available in a minimal cost and hence is affordable for a majority of people.

Page Manager has been designed to work on PDF file. The primary and the most important function of the program are to create pages in the PDF files. The other crucially important function of this program includes removing and inserting pages in the PDF file. It also helps to replace various segments of a PDF file. The program has been designed in a way that makes working with PDF file documents easier.

Functionality of the program is easily divided in to segment that are Replace, Extract, Insert and Delete. The additional feature is it can create a new and empty document in the PDF file. The only data required is the size of the given page that has to be made into a PDF document. The tryout is also marked as a part of the PDF document. Thus, this program has truly been planned to make working with PDF file easy, quick and simple. The program is built and designed to serve the user in the best possible way when working with a PFD file.