Download oAzium Smart Card

In the world of smart card software, Waves in Motion launched a new computerized smart card called oAzium smart card.  It manages the databases of FileMaker Pro. Using this smart card, user can get the best feature of the new technology and that is multitasking, which means that the data can be easily read, write and stored in the smart card from the FileMaker Pro.

This software enhances the convenience and security of data and its authentication can be easily incorporated in the microchip. One of the main specification of this smart card is that one can create and delete the data at the same time, thus saving lots of time. The smart card system development kit comes with one reader, example files, two cards and the oAzium smart card plug in.

oAzium Smart Card  can be easily downloaded by the developers into any system. The specifications required to run the software are requisite FileMaker Pro and Windows operating systems like XP, 7 and 8. As it is compatible with almost all operating systems that people normally use and that’s why it is very user friendly too. Moreover, it can be easily available in the market. This software is available for the administration team in the back end, the user who is using the card and also for the applicant/people in general.

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