My Duplicate File Folder
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Download My Duplicate File Folder

The software My Duplicate File Folder is basically consists of a database. It can find any duplicate files in the hard disc and delete it as soon as possible. My duplicate File Folder contains a search engine in it. Once when the user applies it to search any file or folder containing any media file or data file, it reacts very fast. Collecting the exact data from the hard disc, it is presented within seconds in the display.

The software was first developed by the publishing group of ConsumerSoft publishing forum in the year 2012 only. The primary work of the program is about utility of the operating system, thus it is been categorized in the utilities & operating system software division. Due to the file managing ability, it is considered in the File Management software section. And for the using part, it is very easy to use and configure. Thus the software is supported in most of the operating systems of windows like windows XP, windows vista and windows 7. Else like any other software, it doesn’t require any other additional software to run itself. The software is designed to be the best in its class.

My duplicate File Folder is software of multi-use. It contains some additional benefits, which make it unique from others. This software consists of a super-fast search engine in it, thus the search result is provided to the user as soon as possible. Divided in four different modes, it helps the user to find their desired product easily. The four basic modes are basic, custom, music & images. It has a capacity to compare images and data for better purpose of uses. By its technical tools, one file could be deleted, renamed or shifted anywhere in the hard disc. It consists of different search options with specific destinations. It is definitely a software one look for.

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