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This is a basically a data recovery software. If you have lost some important file as you deleted it by mistake then M3 Data Recovery Hunter Free will help you recover it. Many a times we delete files only to later realize that we need the very file that we deleted. At such a time M3 Data Recovery Hunter will come to your aid. It is unique because even if you have emptied the recycle bin after deleting the files, it will still recover the files without any problems. It is a very handy software to have because accidents with files are very common.

This will in a way help you undo your delete action on any files or folders in your system. M3 Data Recovery Hunter not only helps to recover files and folders from your PC, but also from other portable devices. It can retrieve and save any file type. File systems that are supported by M3 Data Recovery Hunter are FAT 12, FAT32, FAT 16 and also NTFS files. It supports all the windows operating systems and thus can be used by a wide range of users. It easily gets back the files that you may have deleted thinking unnecessary but have found important later on.

It has an easy user interface, which is very easy to work with. The fact that the user interface is graphical makes it faster and easier to work with. It supports a variety of devices Memory cards, flash drives, USB drives, external hard disks and any other memory device. This software is also very easily installed and the interface is lightweight. M3 Data Recovery Hunter also has a great help file should any user have any kind of problem. It will help restore files that are gone even from the recycle bin, thus having M3 Data Recovery Hunter installed means you will never have to lose a single more file again.

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