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Download isvNote

The user always wants software that can manage one’s computer in a total basis. Here is isvNote, the total software is presented, which can be used as a simple editor, a browsing encrypt or and a manger for all the ASCII files loaded in the hard disc.

The software isvNote can give the user a complete access to all the properties. The software was first published by Iservi software development authority in the year of 2012. The program is basically about the operating system and its functioning. It has complete blend of a utilization part and a management part. For this ability, it is been able to get selected in the utility & operating system category and file management sub-category for its file handling skills. It has a very simple and pure decent nature of operating. It is very simple to configure and transparent and vibrant in designing. For this reason it is supported by almost every windows operating system. From windows 7, windows XP, windows vista to windows 2000 every system is familiar with it. And most importantly it doesn’t require any other additional program to run itself. isvNote is self-sufficient and independent. It only needs about 1.44 Mb of hard disc space to imply itself.

Unlike its small size, isvNote is very powerful and interesting software to work on. It can deal with almost every ASCII files like html, xml, txt file and all others. It has a unique ability to sense the nature of the work, and shifts the size of the line according to the size of the paper in the screen. The program allows the user to modify and put any kind of possible change through this. From moving files this ASCII files to, changing its position to modify it, exploring, deleting and many more options is provided through this. isvNote is small in size may be, but yet very powerful.

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