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Irivium Explorer has been declared as the first and one of the finest iRiver software that comprises of the full Windows Explorer integration as a device in My Computer, presence of powerful search engine, capabilities of reporting with the help of a built-in SQL database, web page interface access to the user’s iRiver by a built-in web server and much more. The application acts as a hands-down for the most advanced Windows software companion for the user’s iRiver or iHP player. The software helps the user by providing a device information folder where reports gets flashed that what driver letter the iRiver shall mount as, fixes bug while transfer of files or folder fails and reports as memory full error and much more.

Irivium Explorer has been developed by the Red Chair Software Inc. which gets available in both the trial and paid version as per the requirement of the user. The program is of size 938 KB and which get easily operated in all the version of Windows. The devices which the software currently supports are the iRiver H (320,340,100,120,140). Other than the aforesaid exceptional features, Irivium Explorer has got some additional features like helps in proper integration of Windows, gets transfer to iHP, makes proper connection with the iHP from Windows itself, trues streaming is being done of various MP3 tracks stored in the user’s PC, transfer of files or folders to PC is done very easily, maintains a proper library as per the user’s requirement, presence of Irivium Xtreamer, proper management of the playlist is being done and much more.

As in for overall, Irivium Explorer has an intuitive interface and very much user friendly and tries to fulfil all the requirements of the user. The software just requires an iRiver H-series player for proper running of all its applications.

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