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Download Insomnia

What if someone told you that there is a software named Insomnia? Would you believe that person? If there is really a software of such name what according to you would be its primary objective? Would it be dishing out advice so as how to find some sleep, to people who suffer from Insomnia? Well, in reality there is indeed a software named Insomnia, however, it has nothing to do with making you fall asleep. It is a free for all application whose objective is rather simple. All it does is prevents your system from hitting the sleep mode.

There are times when we desperately need our systems to be up and running and yet it somehow hits the sleep mode. Imagine downloading a big file from the net and the system suddenly goes dark. People have often reported of incidents when systems have had inopportune shutdowns and this is where we need software’s as Insomnia. Once you install the software, your computer would not be allowed to go to sleep mode even when the keyboard and the mouse lay idle.

Installing the file is rather too easy as it is a small software and downloads as a ZIP file in no time. It is available in 32 bit and 64 bit options, hence helps people in downloading files without a worry, while they themselves squeeze-in some rest. Once the software is triggered on, a window pops up on the desktop signaling that the software is up and running. It is an easy to use software and can prove to be of help even to amateurs who do not have much knowledge about using third party apps. Lastly, do not expect the software to do anything else, as it is simply designed to stop the system from going to the sleep mode and nothing beyond that.

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