ICare Data Recovery Software
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Download ICare Data Recovery Software

Many times you worry about the loss of data from your computer hard drives by some accidental formatting. Now there is an opportunity to recover the data from your formatted computer hard drive partition. ICare Data Recovery Software is the key solution for this incident. You may have formatted your hard disk partition and by chance forgot to make a back up of your essential files or folders or other data. You can get the data recovered from this formatted disks partition by using this new ICare Data Recovery Software.

The ICare Data Recovery Software is file recovery software that offers you to unformat, undelete, undo shift-delete the essential files or folders. This is the helping hand to you when you have deleted your files unintentionally from your folders and also from the recycle bin. There is no chance of restore the vanished data to your computer without this unique software. This software is also able to recover photos from your digital camera, SD cards, pen drives, flash drives or any other types of removable storage media in case that these are also lost from that memory devices. This is so useful that you can search for the files, which have been missed by other data recovery utilities by its deepest search technology.

ICare Data Recovery Software has the ability to support SD cards along with other external storage media, so that you can recover the photos from your SD card of digital camera that have been lost due to some unwanted formatting or unintentional deleting. This software perfectly does its job to search and recover the files or folder from the recycle bin whether it is in the bin or just removed from there. You often faces problem regarding the recovery of the raw files that is merely unavailable. ICare Data Recovery Software can also perform the task to search and recover them all.

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