Free FTP Manager

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Free FTP Manager is excellent software developed for Windows, providing features like viewing, downloading and loading the files to the respective folders. The Free FTP Manger software is extremely fast and easy to operate. This software is a light windows client and explicitly available for free. The software makes use of its authentic methods and gives the user the best security platform to transfer the files and other data. The Free FTP Manager is user language based that is one may choose from a number of languages such as Korean, Russian, Japanese, Bulgarian, Czech, Spanish, English, Polish, Italian and many more.

It provides a wide number of features to the user. Usually one encounters problems like low downloading speed especially when uploading various important files and folders. Free FTP Manager minimizes such arisen problems and improves surfing various web links. Another important advantage is regular internet reconnection and disconnections are minimized with the help of automated processes that immensely help in saving the resources of the system. A well manageable configuration property of this software enables the user to regulate few settings like firewall and proxy very easily. One can easily asses a secured data transfer that too in a well defined compressed procedure.

This software is compatible with the operating systems of Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP and higher versions of Windows.