File Renamer Turbo

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File Renamer Turbo is an efficient, fast and useful tool or software that helps the user to rename multiple files at a quick rate. It is a unique cutting edge tool, which does the complex task of file renaming very smoothly and quickly. The user can rename a large number of files at once using this software. Setting ID3 tags from MP3 files, setting music tags for a series of different files like APE, OGG, or MPC files. This software does this job of setting and renaming very easily. This software is easy and friendly for the user, and has incorporated all the fundamental as well as advanced functionality that is required. It also supports additional facilities like file mover, command support, online searching for music albums, and shell extension of windows. The software was first introduced in august 2011. It can be operated on any version of the software of windows.

The software has been widely appreciated for its ease of use and its super fast rate of operation. It is also known for being powerful, enabling the user to rename a large number of different files and folders. The small problems that the user may hardly face with this software are easily solved and settled with the help of the advanced instruction sets and sample scripts, which are additionally provided along with this tool.

A user, who is very much into mp3 songs, can easily sort his songs by inserting track numbers, artists’ names, song names and a range of other inputs, which are automatically saved by the file Renamer turbo. So searching for a particular track becomes cake work, the next time, for the user. A single file renaming process enables a user to edit file names, correct wrong album titles, and also rename music genres as per the users convenience.