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Windows itself is not self-efficient enough to solve any problem occurred in it. It sometimes requires any other programs help to recover from the disaster. Here we present Search to produce any kind of help required to the windows operating system.

This program is there to help the systems it’s require help. So it is been meant for all. search is very helpful in nature as well as simple in operating. The software was programed by its own publishing house File Extension software development authority in the year of 2011. But for some time, it is been quite reputed in the operating system circle. All the systems are quite aware of the program; it includes windows XP, windows 2000, windows vista and windows 7. The program has a complete blend of unique file handling ability with a great utilization power. Thus it is been able to get elected in the file management sub-category and utility & operating system category. Another important point is that, it doesn’t require any other additional program to support it. It is self-supportive in nature and can work independently. It has an only dependency over .NET Framework. Else it requires only about a 2.7 MB of hard disc to imply itself.

The main theme of this software is about helping the windows operating system in its requirements. The Search can search about the problem directly from the dialogue box of the windows. The given search can be of any extensions or any extra matter of any related default program. There is a new option provided for the user, auto parse allows the administrator to access the problem directly through the net of its own. And it has a simple enable and disables nature to protect the computer from any kind of problem. Else it has an auto update process running always for betterment of the processor.

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