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For computer users, a major problem is about deletion of files. The best solution to this problem is File Deleter software. This software is mainly used for deleting files from computer permanently. If you have installed this software in your computer then user doesn’t need to worry about the file errors like restoring of deleted files, file corruption etc. Once you have deleted files using this software, it just removed the file from computer. It doesn’t allow storing the deleted file in any part of the computer like in recycle bin.

In these days there are some software’s, by which anyone can recover the deleted files of a computer. It affects the privacy issue on personal data files. The main advantage of File Deleter software is that it doesn’t allow any file recovery software to recover your personal deleted files. Thus security issue is the main feature of this software. Computer users mainly facing problems regarding deletion of data disk files.

This software easily removed this problem. File Deleter software can also delete files from windows explorer, recycle bin and command prompt also. So, another good advantage of this software is that, user can delete files from anywhere of the computer. The interface of this software is very comfortable to any kind of user. File Deleter erase all the data of any file and delete the file or files. In these ways it protects the privacy of a user.