Fast Duplicate File Finder

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Fast Duplicate File Finder assists the user to differentiate between the original and false products. Using this deep algorithm, it search and compare files with the original and prove it wrong. The Fast Duplicate File Finder has an advance algorithm technique by which it not only compares file folders through name and size but also matches binary content for further information. It can differentiate between two same files of various levels having a highest level of efficiency possible. Not like other software in its class, it is very easy to use and very simple in designing.

The Fast Duplicate File Finder was first designed by the MindGemssoftware developing organization in the year 2012. The software has a great utility towards the maintenance of the computer. It helps the processor to gain its normal speed of working by cleaning the desktop. The Detection of the false software and files, removing them causes a good effect in the machine. Due to this utility, this software is concerned in the Utility & operating software category. And for the management part it is sectioned in the file management sub-category. The simple designing of the application made it supported by every windows operating system. From windows XP, windows vista to windows 7 and latest windows 8 all the operating system is suitable for Fast Duplicate File Finder.

This software can detect multiple same types of files with the help of the advance algorithm technology provided by it. Images, videos, and music files to the internet document everything is considered in it. Some old and unused files automatically selected and removed from the hard disc by its choice. Some duplicate file & folders are sent to the recycle bin, removed permanently or moved to the custom files. Else it contains a good and rich filtering process for its better purpose. Fast Duplicate File Finder is suitable for every one’s use.