Fast Copy

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Trying to copy on your computer hard drive but facing problem in getting speed? There is a solution for you come along with the package of a software application named Fast Copy. As the name suggests, the software can operate in as variety of operating systems. Fast Copy is unique software that can delete or copy information on your computer. This software uses UNICODE path names to do its task or simply the path names exceeding MAX_PATH (260BYTE). UNIX wild card style filters may be included or excluded and that can be specified manually.

Fast Copy is a very slim powerful freeware file copying utility software for the Windows editions. This can copy larger files at close read & write limit, defined by the hardware systems of the computer without hogging system resources. It has its own system resources for occasional uses and doesn’t need any Operating system catches or MFC. It has two different copying procedures. You have nothing to do while this software is performing. It can also choose between the processes of copying depending on the destination directory is on the same drive or not.

Fast Copy can also be run from USB drive but in general it is integrated with the windows setup file so that you don’t need to install this separately on your computer. Fast Copy has an interesting interface that is well equipped with many useful features. This software can remember maximum ten resources for the copying or deleting information and destination directories as where the information should be kept in case of copy. You can include or exclude files or folders from your list of copy or delete if you wish to according to many features of those files like size, date of creation of the file or folders. Synchronization or moving a file may also be done with this software.