Easy Drive Data Recovery
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Download Easy Drive Data Recovery

The program Easy Drive Data Recovery helps the user to regain all of its important data removed from a corrupted disc or accidentally deleted. This is the best possible way of recovery from this hazardous situation.

The program was designed by the famous MoonSoft software development publishing organization in the year of 2012. Experts remarked this software as one of the most used programs in the net. The main story behind this is its simple and transparent designing and a simple organize mechanism. The software has both a utilization and management capability that helps the user in both the ways. For its utility towards the recovery from the damaged discs drive, made it elected in the utility & operating system software group. Secondly, the management nature of Easy Drive Data Recovery earned him a place in the file management sub-category. The most interesting part of all is it is familiar with all the windows operating systems. From windows 2000, windows XP to windows vista & windows 7 all are configured enough to support this program. Else like other programs, it doesn’t require any bonus features to help it to run. It is independent and can run itself. It only requires about 7Mb of size to imply itself.

There are some additional features, which make Easy Drive Data Recovery different from others. It has a complete unique algorithm technique, which helps the user to regain almost a disc of information. The data or image can be filtered through it before regaining it back. It supports some famous brand names under its belt to gain reputation. The filtering process can be elected through name, size, date of modification and much other way. The recycle bin is also added to its custom. The database of the software also consist temporary files of the machine. Thus Easy Drive DataRecovery is now one of the most reputed software of present time.

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