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Download DupTerminator

If you are short of memory space on your computer, it is very highly likely that some of your files are saved twice. It is common to save the same data twice over on your PC because you are not sure if you have saved it before. This takes up a lot of useful and essential memory space. DupTerminator is the perfect software to use in such situations. DupTerminator is the software that is programmed to look for these duplicate files on your system. It has a search wizard that easily guides you through the process of searching you PC for duplicate files and/or data.

Once you have found out the duplicate files on your PC with the help of DupTerminator, this software will also help you to delete the duplicate file completely. Apart from deleting the file you can also shift or move the file to another location or even rename it. DupTerminator does this by checking and contrasting the MD5 hash. The software has an extremely easy user interface. It is simple, quick and easy to use. It can easily be used by both experts as well as starters. It is a handy tool to have at your disposal.

DupTerminator also has other amazing features; after it has searched for the duplicate files it can sort the various groups by columns. Using this software you can also select files that are there in a certain folder. It can select the various folders that are in groups in the folder that you have selected. You can also use DupTerminator to select folders or files according to the length of the file name or by the date, or also names specified. This tool also renames the duplicate files or moves the files or removes files to the recycle bin. You can also save a list of the duplicate files and load the list later.

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