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DocPoint Personal is your one stop destination for personal document management, providing a solution to save you from all the hassle of keeping track of your documents both scanned and digital. DocPoint Personal has the ability to integrate with your email, and maintains a contacts directory for you as well. Features like work-flow tracking and reminder setting options, let you work efficiently and keeps you on top of your game. The design and interface of the software seems a bit old fashioned but its functionality is more modern and up to date.

DocPoint Personal has more to it than what meets the eye. The software allows you to tag your scanned and digital documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The software includes various tools which gives reminders, allows access to files and organizes the files into proper categories according to the tags. You can also build new files from templates. It integrates with various programs including Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.  The software is meant only for desktops and would not work on any handheld device. The FAQ’s section and the help and support provided would help you understand the basics of the same. It is simple to operate but may require some time for you to master it.

Overall, the DocPoint Personal with its set of tools has turned out to be one useful product for maintaining documents and keeping track of all the work. It keeps track of deadlines and organizes the directory having all your business contacts. This enables you to have everything you need in an orderly manner thus improving your efficiency. In short, it is a great software and certainly worth a try.

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