DNC Precision Free Edition

Download DNC Precision Free Edition

DNC Precision is a powerful management application and NC Operation, which allows complete control over a process through serial ports. The serial ports function as multiple NC operational gates allowing a secure and stable access of a numerically controlled device. DNC Precision has a free edition which is a shareware called the DNC Precision Free Edition.

The DNC Precision is basically a feature packed communications program which is specifically designed to aid in exchange and transfer of data between computers and any numerically controlled or NC device or machine. This software enables and allows programs written in machine language in a computer to be sent and received and by the numerically controlled machine. DNC Precision can receive and send files in machine language both in manual mode that is done manually by a user controlling the PC or in auto mode where it is transferred automatically by receiving certain feedbacks from the NC machine.

However in the DNC Precision, the auto mode feature of automatically transferring the files is not available. There are many notable feature of the DNC Precision Free Edition. The user can work with multiple machines at the same time if considering the fact that the system is built to be supporting multiple machines where each of the NC machine is linked to a single serial port. The user can also create separate and unique configuration for multiple NC machines. Configuring the parameters of the serial port and using hardware and software handshaking can be done with the DNC Precision. The user can also change and edit the fonts of the files and folders received. The user is also allowed the freedom to choose separate folders for programs for each separate machine. This application is compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP and 7.