Directory List Transfer
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Download Directory List Transfer

Like many other search software, Directory List Transfer is one of them. It has some additional feature of listing the details and consisting items under that particular searched file. More or less it is just the same like others with some modern enhancements.

The computing have become so easy this days, that sometimes we don’t even think of any other files other than the one we are working on. Thus to re-discover the old files and getting aware of the details of it we require Directory List Transfer. It was developed by Gordon Reynolds, the famous software developer in the year of 2013, this February. The program has an incredible ability to handle the toughest problems with ease and control. And one could not say anything about its great utility towards the user. Thus it is elected in the utility & operating system category and file management sub-category. Most of all, for the better purpose of the user all the windows operating systems are aware of Directory List Transfer. The simple nature and vibrant applications made it possible for this credit. The software doesn’t require any other additional tools to operate itself other than a suitable operating system like windows vista and windows 7. It only requires about 1.4 Mb of hard disc space to imply itself to the processor.

Unlike its small size, it has a great processor rate with a large database inside. The thing we searched in the Directory List transfer comes out with all the possible details it has. The total directory of that particular file is represented in the form of information. Here, once can see what is stored under that particular file, when it is created and other essential details required. Most importantly the database inside, keeps all the record of managing the files through it. Directory List Transfer is definitely the software to look for.

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