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Download DevDir

DevDir is a basically a software, which is used to manage folders and files under a particular programing project. If you are looking for an app to manage your folders and files in an effective manner then DevDir is the right choice for you. It is a reliable and a handy application specially designed for developers to effectively manage, monitor and very easily control all the folders and files that belong to a particular programming project. The application is very useful for those who are looking to manage all the directories and folders under a multi directory project or a software development project to delete or open all the contents and sub folders of individual directories in a separate way. A program is also included with the application, which watches over the directories and informs the user if there has been any change incorporated within a directory.

DevDir is an effective tool to handle and control all the directories under special projects. The management of directories is done with the help of profiles. The user is free to define and create an innumerable number of profiles for an innumerable number of directories. Previously for a long time, the application was nothing more than a mere batch program to open every directory where all the temporary files are created.

Now the program have been completely re designed and many new features has been incorporated. The user can watch all the directories to find out changes. All the directories are now managed with profiles. The drag and drop facility to add directories has been introduced making it more user friendly. Opening more than one directory and deletion of directory is now possible. There is also an update option to stay up to date. The application is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and 7.

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