Delete Files Older Than
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Delete Files Older Than is a utility that helps the user sort out those files that are older than a particular date, as selected by the user, and then delete that number of selected files. There are three stepwise arguments to the successful deletion of files-the first one is to create a path or directory to the files, the next argument is to enter how many days old the particular files are, and the last argument is to press the delete command which successfully deletes the files older than the specified number of days entered by the user. This useful software came into use in the year 2007 in February. Using this command it is easily possible to delete all files older than a specified time, through only a few lines of code. Multiple files and folders can be removed in this way. This makes the tool faster than other similar soft wares.

This software is convenient, user-friendly, easy to install and does not require any additional utilities or facilities. Files can be deleted in batches using this software, depending upon the dates or time entered by the user. The user can also delete files in accordance with their directories. For example, if files in one directory are to be deleted, while the files in another directory are to be kept, then using the above-mentioned software this task can be done.

This software is script-based and is used in the form of a scheduled task. It generates an automatic list of logfile names depending upon the present date and time. A number of logging levels are available, which provides a list of files that are to be deleted. It provides two major routines-the first being to remove the selected files, and the second to verify any left over empty folders that must also be deleted by the software.

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