Delete Duplicate Files

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A major problem for most of the computer users is the shortage of memory space due to presence of duplicate files in computer. Delete Duplicate Files software is a great solution of this problem. During copying a huge amount of files it is quite impossible to search for existing files and to deselect those files. So, these duplicate files occupy so much space in hard drive. By using Delete Duplicate Files software you can easily delete any type of replica files from your computer hard drive.

Delete Duplicate Files software has a simplest interface with its many onscreen options and layouts. This program also has some navigation keys for more comfortable use. Delete Duplicate Files software performs the scanning operation on selected files or portion for particular file by name and create a list of all deleted files in a readable layout. From that list you can also delete the file. You can also perform multiple file deletion by using this software.

You can minimize or maximize the window during its work. This tool doesn’t damage any file during its operation. Delete Duplicate Files software also has a move option for moving files from one location to another location on your hard drive as well as external media. This application is very comfortable to use for regular users as well as expert users also. Delete Duplicate Files is very compatible with all versions of windows. This software also comes with a help option containing a user guide for the users.