CD Reader
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Download CD Reader

A product that has been designed and developed by AEK; CD Reader, as is evident from its name, is a software utility that promises to read data from corrupted or damaged CDs and DVDs. It is not uncommon to find yourself losing valuable data or profound memories, in the form of photographs or videos that are absolutely lost due to corruption of your storage media.

And most often than not, most users rely on their CDs and DVDs to act as an external backup media not just a storage media; resulting in not having multiple copies of the content! It can be frustrating and downright depressing to lose your thesis, important presentation, valuable or sensitive information, photographs, and holiday videos that you have stored in your CD and DVD. However, this utility promises to overcome such scenarios and help you regain what you believed to be lost forever.

There are several utilities that promise to help you recover your data, but fail practically as your system freezes when the tool tries to read your corrupted CD or damaged DVD. This is one aspect, in which the tool claims to score over other conventional tools. It claims to recover your data and accomplish it fast, without draining your system resources or freezing your computer. The utility is available for free and can be implemented in various Windows platforms such as Windows 95, 98, 2000, 2003, 2008, 7, NT, Me, XP, Vista, and Server versions. You can even obtain the source code from, which is secured by the GPL license.

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