Batch file renamer

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As the name suggests, the Batch File Renamer is software for the purpose of renaming files or folder instantly and in large amounts. In this case the number of files or folder those are going to be renamed may vary from one to a million. Not only the names, you can change the order and many other attributes of a file or a folder by the use of this unique software. This software is able to classify the files or folder according to their current names, date and time of creation of that file or folder. You can also get the preview of the changes that is going to be happening to the files or folders, before making them permanent.

The Batch File Renamer is small portable software. This very small in size and it doesn’t need any formal installation on the hard drive. You have just to click the program file and the program will run automatically. The interface is very compact one for this software application and it is efficient for its task with a single window that displays all necessary customizable fields so that you can use these to customize the dates, time, name, and destination of a folder or change many other attributes.

You can check if this software is working properly or not. Just open the destination folder to see the file names or other attributes changing at the time while the process is still going on. That is you can observe the changes immediate after the starting of the program. This program shows the user, a command line prompt with execute buttons. If you have a large collection of music files or pictures and you want to rename these all, nothing to worry about it. You have the software named Batch File Renamer, which is very efficient to change name along with many other attribute of a large collection of file at once.