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Download Anti-Twin

This software was introduced on the 16th of May, in the year 2010, and since then people have extensively used it across the globe. There are three main features of this tool- byte wise comparison between two or more files as defined by the user, efficient and quick search for files having identical names, and pixel-based comparison between images of the similar type! This software greatly increases the available space on a users’ hard disk, as it completely eliminates similar files, or directly sends them to computer’s recycle bin. Fast searching for duplicate files can be executed using this software.

The complete binary information contained in two or more files, can be compared, and in this case the names of the files become irrelevant. Only the size and inner values matter! It is of great use in huge companies, for cleaning up an employee’s messy or chaotic file distributions and file positions. It simplifies the company networks and removes unwanted copies and backups. This software is simple and error-free. It can clean up to sixty thousand duplicate files in around two hours, without any mistakes. It is available in a number of languages like French, Spanish, Italian, and English. This software has been proven to be very good in areas of confidence, accuracy and user-friendliness.

This program also allows the option of folder comparison, which is unique. This means that two or more folders can be compared and tested, and then the duplicate ones are deleted. Folder comparison also enhances the speed of the software. The software is easy to install and has a single-step process. It also has the facility to be installed on USB memory, and can be used easily from there. This is the only software which allows hundred percent comparisons of file contents, thus giving accurate and speedy results to the user.

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