Advanced disk catalog

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Advanced disk catalog is an extremely helpful tool, which allows a user to avoid mismanagement and confusion while browsing or searching for different files and folders. It does the job of an efficient librarian, who helps the user keep a record of the various documents, videos, programs and music files on his desktop. This software conveniently downloads different materials from a CD or a separate drive, and then saves them on an individual, independent database, which can be suitably organized by the user, according to his wish! Working with the local drive of this test machine, is a way more speedy and capable method of looking through the database, rather than searching the actual memory drive. This software is also capable of accurately extracting useful comments from pdfs, mp3s, Office documents and other executable files!

This software supports a number of additional utility tools, which perform different functions, like quick comparing of disks, and scanning for identical or copied files. Using this program, the user can get a peek of the content of a particular ZIP file, without actually opening the file! This software, thus, is an easy, fast and powerful program, which is handy enough for home users as well as system administrators. This program allows the sorting of files, folders and volumes of media to be grouped according to categories for easy and quicker search.

The search process is shortened by limiting the results, based on category, size and date. It also generates reports on various files and imports file descriptions. It can browse the Internet and detect any updates. It is multilingual, supporting up to thirty different languages. The catalog has also proved to be very efficient in cases of sorting optical media, searching and sorting as many as 3200 disks! It also has the ability to crawl within archives and sort files with specified extensions.