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Fax freedom is another popular software, which has created buzz in the market. By using this software, one can send or receive faxes via email in the form of PDF or TIFF attachment, faxes can be sent and receive mails using webs interface. One can use this software, through cell phones, iPad's, and android phone as well, with internet connectivity. Interestingly, Fax freedom provides accounts which can handle more that 5000 minutes. The price structure which starts from $9.95 per month, which includes 100 minutes with the minute allotment of the customers choice. However, it should be noted that primarily, this software uses email technology for sending and receiving faxes.

This software supports almost all file types, most of which includes word, excel and PDF, which are the most used formats, for sending a fax. Using this software, one can send faxes, through print command or through web link personal internet control panel. One can manage all the functions of this software, at any given point of time. One can forward and archive faxes using this software, and also label them. It also generates reports about the sent and the received faxes of the customer, on the devices which they use with the software.

Using Fax freedom, one can also send faxes to traditional fax machines, it converts PDF and TIFF image files and sends them as email attachment, which saves a lot of time. If one wants to know more about these products, they can log onto the official website of the software, and find the details of the product, which they are looking for. Apart from details, the websites also provides technical assistance to the customers, who are trying to install this, software for the first time on their computer or any other device. They can also call in the customer care service number, if they feel that the information provided is not adequate.

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