Download Economic Investor Stock Risk Wizard

Anyone who wants to analyze the present stock market conditions can choose this program for ensuring high profits. This program plays a key role in knowing the risks that are mainly associated with assets. In fact, it provides methods for forecasting future markets with over 20,000 mutual funds, indices and current stocks. The star rating option in this software makes feasible ways for determining good and bad economic conditions to avoid losses.

Another benefit is that it gives ways for measuring the overall economic risks of assets with composite macro risk index option. A set of 18 macroeconomic and financial variables are available for comparing historical and current data according to needs. The primary advantage of this program is that it shows ways for identifying stocks during the volatile conditions to make investment decisions in proper methods.

In addition, stock risk wizard comes with screening and evaluation tools for estimating markets to prevent loss of money.  Also, this program provides metrics that are derived from ETA analysis. Moreover, it supports for all types of windows operating systems that can be installed in an easy manner. Stock investors can focus on downloading this software to ensure best results. This software is compatible with all the latest Windows XP, Vsta, 7 and 8.

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