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Any person who is dealing with a computer and installs and uninstalls software frequently is aware that on this process the machine is full with invalid registry entries, broken and link less shortcuts and unnecessary garbage which gets piled up in your system resulting in consumption of more space and thereby slows down system performance. There is simple windows software called the Eusing Cleaner which clears up all the garbage data stored. This software though easy to use,should be dealt carefully because it deals with the delicate parts of the computer as registry.

Once you install this software in your system you will find the menu for all the inbuilt tools like cleaner, registry, defragmenter, other tools, settings, and the online help icon. All of these contain menu with check boxes allowing the users to deal with only that area the user want to deal with. Even the internet browsers, Microsoft Office application and many other programs can be scanned for various purposes. The most important registry menu allows you to have a scan for troubles being faced in the start menu, startup programs and various other locations. It also provides a backup of all the edited files in case you want to make a change. This feature becomes more important when registry is altered. This software also allows tools like registry defragmentation so as to provide easy measure to delete programs from startup folder.

The scan time will vary upon the storage of your system. Once you scan and implement it you need to reboot your system. Though providing backup will consume space, but you will feel the increased speed of your system after rebooting it. Installing Eusing cleaner software will create a shortcut in the desktop and also leave a folder in the start menu upon removal of the program.