Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition

Download Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition

A windows operating system provides you with a tool called Windows Disk Manager mainly used for fragmentation, disk formatting and many such delicate tasks. If you are not very satisfied with its performance as it has limited options. Then you can use the dedicated Windows Software called Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition. This software will enable you with the power to create new disk storage, convert, hide, format, delete disks, merge already created partitions, split storage space, copy, resize and many more exciting features without any damage to existing data. Though the name is Home Edition but it can be used commercially for small business enterprises.

This software also is a good choice for official works. Partition assistant’s blue tones, disk capacity displays and a toolbar makes this software perfect for official or such similar areas. After installation you will see the toolbar on the left hand of the navigation panel, all the options regarding this software are displayed with text guidance so that you face no difficulty in using it. Whenever you run this software it will display the storage masses attached to your system like SSD, HDD, and USB along with their total capacity together with available free space required for partition.

This software also has the feature to hide desired partitions. So all important drives in which driver tools and official documents are stored can be hidden from daily use and can be used occasionally as per your requirement. The inbuilt partition wizard has three important works to do. It extends the existing partition, copies disks and copies defragmented partitions. So this partition copy tool copies quickly the used space and part by part copies the entire disk to a new disk. So this software is extremely powerful and serves best for people using multiple disk systems.

It runs on Windows Operating System like 2000, XP, Vista and 7.