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CompuPic Pro software lies at the top of the heap of photo browsers because of its excellent speed and simple user interface. This software provides a wide range of features to the users without bloating the overall size of the software. The software allows the users to view thumbnails of various image files almost instantly on their computer from CD or any pother network. Thus, users find it to be a highly satisfying photo viewing experience.

The simple and uncluttered interface allows the users to manage their image files by sorting, copying, converting them to some other format, moving, or deleting them without facing any difficulties. CompuPic Pro allows its users to view and playback various files such as images, audio and video files in over a hundred different file formats which ensures maximum usability of this software.

CompuPic Pro allows its users to produce a variety of effects on their image files such as adjusting the color and tone of the photos, cropping and resizing them, removing red-eye, or adding other effects such as borders and text bubbles. They can also share those pictures online or produces CDs of their pictures. However, all of these excellent features come at a premium which is usually a bit on the steeper side compared to other such software.

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