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JTS Archiver is a program which helps to decompress an archive easily and quickly which means users can start the process without setting the passwords. In fact, one can be able to open the files directly from the app’s screen with just a double click. It is an ideal one for extracting files from various archive types such as ZIP, RAR, TAR, TGZ, etc.

A simplistic interface in this program can be mastered by beginners to perform the tasks without any difficulties.  As drag and drop option is not available in this program, one can add the files manually with built in browse option. This application will display the contents of ZIP archives in the main window. In addition, it is also possible to view the selected files in notepad or another editor by meeting exact requirements.

 The simple to use application in this program allows a person to extract only the selected files or the entire list. Another advantage is that it provides methods for decompressing the files without having prior knowledge. Moreover, this program doesn't affect the overall performance of a computer which involves only a small amount of system resources. Guidelines are also available in simple steps to download this software from online.

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